Articles by Peter

How cool is this!? This is a display case of Nintendo Controllers made by my wife for our anniversary. I know lots of people on the net like to make stuff like this so I thought I’d post her progress photos so you can get an idea of how to construct one yourself.


It’s been a big couple of weeks for me. I found a dollar on the ground and ate three apples, so I have all that going for me.

New Brikwars game! Named ‘The Traffic Light of Justice’ because the final battle is as epic as an Ewok fighting an Ninja with a traffic light…which is pretty much what happened.

I’ve also started selling prints of some of my less crap art, so if you want to exchange currency in return for goods and services well the internet is the place for you!

I’ve added an about page which you can find here.

It has images of all my old websites and I talk a little about the process of making them if that is something that interests you.

Also I’ve added pages 19 and 20 of victory pocket.