My name is Peter Sanderson and I draw stuff, this website is where I put my not terrible stuff.

You can contact me at bluebright.psm [at] gmail [dot] com


Old Websites

I started this website when I was 15 (2005) as a way to make money. Of course, that never happened. What I did get out of it however were many years of self taught web building experience. For those who are interested, you can see a history of all the website iterations I’ve been through below.

Site 1

‘My Zany Adventure’ was a webomic that consisted usually of single panel drawings updated 3 times a week. The content management system consisted of Simon Steinhouse’s Webcomic Script and me opening up ‘news.php’ every week to update. Archaic!


Site 2

Not too much changed for my first revision. Probably a result of Bjorn telling me my site looked girly. It sounds like something he would say.

Site 3

Now I was getting the hang of this whole web thing, I wanted to get stuck into a comic that had a story and a bit of depth. I then redesigned my site for a comic that was larger. Below is the original comic for ‘victory pocket’ which started out as half pages.

Site 4

It’s starting to almost look like a real website. I have three different comics now split into three different colours. I love colour coding things and this idea went on for another few redesigns.

Site 5

Number five is when I renamed everything, giving the green comics the name of ‘the expensive vest club’. Despite the name, vests are scarcely mentioned in the comics.

Site 6

Version 6 is the first site to be made with wordpress. Beforehand I had been making everything from scratch and the CMS was a little script made specifically for webcomics. Not pictured below are the comic archives. It went from a text list to thumbnails as I switched to NEXTGen Gallery to handle displaying images. My favorite version and also the last version to made from the ground up with my spindly little fingers.

Site 7

“If that was your favorite site, why’d you change it you moron?” Good question. A little rudely asked, but valid. You see I designed the above site to be viewed on PC screens. Then came along all these new fangled tablet phones and what not and thus my none-responsive site had to be thrown out. Since I wanted to focus more on drawing and less on website making, I decided it was time to use someone else’s design. I had trouble finding one that I liked so I literately stole the code and assets to create this version 7. Also combined psm with my brikwars blog.

Site 8

I never liked version 7, the look or that I stole it, so I started to find properly licenced themes. After editing the crap out of it, we get psm v8!