Andrew’s First Time

Battle Date: 31th October 2008

My army were made up of Shadow Knights (as they just came in the mail), and Andrew chose Tusken Raiders lead by the almighty-ish Nesquik bunny.
Andrew’s Nesquik Bunny clumsily falls off the ledge as my hero uses the team’s special ability and chops his legs off.

Lord Vladek is friggin invincible as he gets 1+ armour for every shadow knight on the battlefield, bringing him up to 8.

One of Andrew’s Tusken Raiders gets axed a question.


Another stupid move by Andrew’s rocket trooper ends with him shooting an arrow through his commanding officers butt. All are amused.


I hadn’t eaten any dinner, so we instead went and bought 3 bags of chocolate and lollies (not pictured, one of the two bags).


My Shadow Knight fails to aim his rocket launcher properly therefore propelling him backwards…


…and landing him dangerously close to the edge of the lava. Andrew chose the landing spot, stupidly giving me the best cover on the map.


My third last knight blows his hand off attempting to fire two weapons.


Oh right, I forgot I kept him alive.


Probably should have killed him when I had the chance…oh well.


Realising what advantage he had given me, Andrew (who’s raider was out of rocket range) decides to fire a shell into the river, causing a tidal wave that would break down the rock wall protecting me. All does not go to plan as the Tuskan Raider was holding the RPG backwards. As a result, he blows up the high ground above him…


…which falls, crushing his legs off and trapping him. All is not lost as he manages to cling to dear life (just).


My rocket knight who was out of range thought that if he can’t blow his enemy to pieces he can at least maim him with shrapnel. Andrew’s highly trained sniper lives, but is sadly blinded by fire.


And my invincible hero died at some point.


Alright, so Andrew wants to be the clever tactics man, attempting to rocket his trooper out from under the fallen rock. He fails however, blowing up the wall thing instead. Any hope of saving his fallen soldiers legs we lost when they landed on the ledge above him.


The Nesquik Bunny’s resolve to continue fighting without legs inspires the tusken raider to drag himself closer and closer to the enemy.


END GAME. I chose a bad starting position being bottlenecked between the hill and lava mountain. Oh, and the Nesquik bunny died with an axe to the face.


Well, it looks like Andrew got the hang of it after all…as he won with a decapitated rocket trooper and a blind sniper.