Nintendo Controller Display Case

How cool is this!? This is a display case of Nintendo Controllers made by my wife for our anniversary. I know lots of people on the net like to make stuff like this so I thought I’d post her progress photos so you can get an idea of how to construct one yourself.

First thing Kira did was find a picture frame with glass behind it. At the time the only one she could find that wasn’t overpriced was this white one but if you’re going to do this yourself, be easy on yourself, get a black frame.


Here’s my beefy father in law spray painting the frame black. This is the first of maaaaany coats.


After scrounging around on ebay and gumtree (like craigslist) she found all the controllers she needed. Oh, another step that’s not detailed here is the frame being screwed onto a timber box she’s built which has also been spray painted black.

The controllers are lined up to make sure their gonna fit. Lining the bottom of the box is purple foamy stuff (yeah it’s foam).


All perfectly-ish aligned! The foam has been cut into so they fit all snug like. I have no idea who’s legs are pictured here.


Optional: Kira was so awesome, she wanted to make it so if I ever wanted use the controllers again I could. She kept the cords intact. She says this tripled the work as took so much effort to fit the controllers in the back. If you’re going to make one of these, cut cords. I know it might feel like killing a baby, but it’ll be easier to do the rest.


After everything was confirmed to fit Kira lined the inside edges of the foam with black fabric. Everything was stuck together with good ol’ hot glue.




Old mate father in law helping out.


Finished it! This is what it looks like in our house. I think it looks sick. Thanks Kira!